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Welcome to Trucks and dirt

A new way to find and move dirt.

How Trucksanddirt Works


Take advantage of our free introductory offer and choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Add, edit, list and delete your trucks or jobs, whether your are an excavator or a truck driver.


Excavators can validate daily works and pay securely truck drivers by check through our platform.


Contractors and drivers can rate their experience with the other party noting anything that may be relevant to future users.

As A Dump Truck Driver, Never Miss Another Job...


Manage Trucks

You can insert a new truck, delete an old one, and update information regarding driver and truck...

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Search job

Search Jobs

Search is done in the dashboard, whose usage requires a registration. By default all jobs...

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Manage Logs

With TrucksAndDirt, there is no more need to handle logs on volatile pieces of papers...

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Payment & Bills

Truck operator can submit their invoice anytime for payment. Preferably this will be done at the...

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All transactions performed on TrucksAndDirt are automatically saved and can be retrieved...

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Trucker feedback


TrucksAndDirt reviews allow truck operators to have an idea of the excavators they are bidding...

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As A Contractor, Never Have an Unfilled Job...


Manage Jobs

Acquiring a high number of trucks for large jobs has always been a nightmare for excavator. Besides time spent on the phone...

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Follow jobs

Once confirmed, the job log function becomes available the first day of job begin and beyond completion time...

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Search Trucks

Search available Trucks

Another possibility for excavator to quickly acquire trucks is to use the search function for trucks. This function is accessible from...

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The billing section uses all information on truck operators'log to generate daily tickets, weekly and final invoice. The invoices can be printed...

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Contractor Feedback


TrucksAndDirt reviews allow excavators to have an idea of the truckers they will work with. Each excavator can rate the truck owner...

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Because all transactions performed on TrucksAndDirt are automatically saved and can be retrieved any time, reports can be provided...

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Benefits for Excavators

  • Easy Access To All Available Dump Trucks
  • Publish Jobs And Let Drivers Apply
  • Integrated Rating System
  • On-Line Billing and Paper Work
  • Direct Interaction With Truck Operators
  • No More Phone Calls To Inquire for Truck's Availability
  • Stop The Paperwork Nightmare

Benefits for Truck Operators

  • Easy Access To All Posted Jobs
  • On-Line Job Reservation and Management
  • Integrated Rating System
  • On-Line Billing and Paper Work
  • Direct Interaction With Excavators
  • No More Phone Calls To Inquire for New Jobs
  • No More Waiting Weeks For your Money